September 18, 2013

Dwarves....War...What More Could You Want

Review: The Brotherhood of Dwarves by D.A. Adams

Title: The Brotherhood of Dwarves
Author: D.A. Adams
Publisher: Seventh Star Press
Format: Ebook
Pages:  238 pages
ISBN #:  1937929914 
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The dwarven saga begins... Roskin, heir to the throne of a remote, peaceful kingdom of dwarves, craves excitement and adventure. Outside his own kingdom, in search of fortune and glory, he finds a much different world, one divided by racial strife and overrun by war. The orcs to the south want to conquer all dwarves and sell them as slaves. The humans to the east want to control the world's resources. Caught in the middle, Roskin finds himself chased by slave traders and soldiers alike as he discovers that friendship is the best fortune of all. Just when he thinks he has triumphed, an act of betrayal sends him into bondage. His only hope of escape is the faltering courage of a disgraced warrior whose best days are behind him..

My Thoughts: 

First off I want to say one thing really fast, it's more about this publisher than the book itself, even though this one is included. Seventh Star Press has some incredible features in their books and this is the second one I've read and I'm reading another one right now.  One feature is it's artwork, their artists are spectacular.  Just look at the cover above, its proof of how amazing these artists are.  

Alright, let's talk about The Brotherhood of Dwarves.  I'll start off by saying that I think this series is going to be one of my favorites.  I loved reading this book and can't wait to read the next one.   Through his world building and fantastic characters, author D.A. Adams kept me reading till the last page and trust me I tried to keep turning the page but after the back cover there wasn't anything else.  It made me want to scream I NEED MORE NOW! 

I also love how different this book is from any other fantasy book I've read and I've read a lot of them.  The Brotherhood of Dwarves is filled with great back stories and characters that I wanted to root for no mater what.  I will tell you this, while reading this book I yelled at it a few times, well I yelled at Roskin a few times, don't get me wrong I love the character, but let's just say I got into the action a little bit to much.  I really loved how this incredible author, created characters that grew throughout the story and didn't leave them the same throughout. 

I really loved this YA Fantasy book and would recommend it to anyone YA fantasy lover.  I will also be recommending it to my area library for the teenage boys.   It takes a lot to keep teenage boys attention and I think this one will do just that.  

My Rating:

So, I'm guessing you know what I'm going to give this book for a rating.  That's Right...