Here on Page Bites we have a few special features.  Some of them involve authors and those are usually Guest Posts and Author Interviews.  Other than that we post tour posts for a few Blog Tour companies.  Now we also have a few memes we love to post as well.  I do not post these every week! These are just the ones I post sometimes. Those include:


This is a post where I share what I'm reading for the week.  


Top Ten Tuesday is a top ten list post.  There is always a prompt and I love this one because which person doesn't like lists? Well I know I at least do. 

Top Off Tuesday is a post all about the Covers.  I love showcasing book covers, they are so much fun to look at and I love sharing them! 

I also love music so I love this meme as well.  Sometimes I showcase a CD or just a song.  


Waiting on Wednesday is a post about those books you are dying to get your hands on and read. 


This is a meme we created here on Page Bites its like Teaser Tuesday, but on Thursdays instead.  Come get a bite of a book we are reading. 


We love doing this post and our first one will be on this week.  It's a answer question kind of meme and then you follow other bloggers.  Each week a different blogger is featured. 


This is a post where I share about what happened this past week and the plan for the week.  Also I get to share about what books I've received that week. 

So there you have it, my special features here on Page Bites!