September 29, 2013

Guest Post: 10 things we don't know about Author Stephen Zimmer

So today I'm pleased to share with you all a guest post from the fantastic author Stephen Zimmer.  Have you ever want to know more about your favorite authors? I know I have so I am asking some of my favs to share 10 things we don't know about them. Author Stephen Zimmer is my first guinea pig for this.  Thank you so much Stephen for sharing these 10 facts with us. 

1.       Worked in Cancer Research Laboratory

Yes, it is true, I spent a few summers working in cancer research when growing up.  My father was a cutting-edge cancer researcher and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work in a lab setting and participate in a number of different research activities.  This was a fantastic experience that gave me a tremendous appreciation for scientists and the laborious, painstaking process they go through in research.

2.       Scuba Diving Certified

Scuba diving was offered as an option for a PE credit at Hardin-Simmons University, and I jumped onto that opportunity.  I’ve never been a fast runner, but I’ve always been a strong swimmer, and this seemed like a good fit.  The experience was incredible, like nothing I’d ever been through before and I hope to get back to diving more in the future.

3.       Played guitar in a rock band

I played guitar, with a flying V and a star body guitar, both Ibanez models.  For a few years in high school I was a part of some bands that largely did rock covers.  True story: I came in first place with my friend Mark Frisiello when we did a drum and guitar instrumental version of Kiss’ “Heaven’s On Fire” for the Lexington Catholic talent show during my senior year.   J

4.       Taught Sunday School

Believe it or not, yours truly had an opportunity to be a teacher in Sunday school for about a year.  I really enjoyed this experience, assisting Father Frank Brawner and Kevin Wilson at Christ the King in Lexington.  We went on a wonderful field trip that year to visit a convent that is part of the same order as Mother Theresa belonged to.

5.       Stage Acted in High School

What a wonderful performance it was, portraying Count Mountjoy in The Mouse That Roared during my high school years.  In eight grade I was Al, of Al’s Diner, in a Happy Day’s play, that included a solo song as it was a musical! I still can’t believe I sang solo!

6.       Played baseball up to the college level

I played for Lexington Catholic High School as a pitcher, and then didn’t make the cut at the University of Kentucky. I played a couple of summers with a semi-pro team based in central Kentucky, the Kentucky Stars (who included some guys who made the big leagues, like Chris Snopek), and then got a chance to go to Hardin-Simmons University as a relief pitcher.  Unfortunately,  I hurt my rotator cuff and had to get shoulder-surgery.  Then again, when recovering, I decided to focus fully on my creative path. 

7.       High School Math Team

I was a member of the math team at Lexington Catholic high school (as well as the Academic Challenge team).  Math was always one of my stronger subjects in school, and while I was not the top performer on the team, I did contribute, and always remember my coaches Lee McGrath (for the math team) and the legendary Mark Batson (for the Academic Challenge team.) Good times!

8.       Barry Manilow and Seal Fan

Yes, this heavy metal and hard rock fanatic has a strange affinity for the music of both Barry Manilow and Seal.  My folks played Manilow quite a bit growing up, so it evokes a more magical time in my mind.  I confess, I am a “Fanilow”!  Saw him on a trip to Vegas with my mother and sister, and the show was incredible.  As for Seal, I’ve always found his voice so distinctive and soulful, and really loved his music.  (I’ll also give an honorable mention to Elton John here too!)

9.       Assistant Weight lifting coach for Lexington Catholic’s very first high school football team.

I used to be in fantastic shape during my early college years, and was an avid weight lifter.  I helped assist Coach Bob Spire with weightlifting sessions for students at Lexington Catholic the year prior to the first football season at the high school.  So you could say I was an active participant of the team’s earliest incarnation! 

10.       Booked and managed rock bands 

Having friends in heavy metal bands in college, and being into writing and journalism, videography, media, and things like that, I got started helping bands out and this evolved into a period where I actively booked some clubs, set up all kinds of shows, managed some bands, and even had a small stint running an indie record label.  Enjoyed doing some national acts in the genres I liked, having done shows for Quiet Riot, Jackyl, Nevermore, Flotsam and Jetsam, Overkill, and more.  The music business is a really tough one, and I have a great admiration for those who stick it out and pursue their dreams in the really difficult industry climate today.


Hope you enjoyed these 10 little known facts about me!  Be sure to connect with me online at the following links:

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About the Author 

Born in Denver Colorado in 1974, Stephen Zimmer is an author and filmmaker currently residing in Lexington, Kentucky. The Exodus Gate, the first book in the Rising Dawn Saga, was Stephen's debut novel, published through Seventh Star Press. Stephen's independent films as a writer/director include the indie feature Shadows Light (Modern Fantasy/Supernatural Thriller) and the horror short film The Sirens (on the Indie Movie Masters Festival of Horrors Vol. 1 DVD)"