January 2, 2014

Day Two of the Book Blogger New Years Challenge

Day 2: Share your Pro's and Con's list of Blogging, now this should be fun.  


  • Love this blog and posting on it. 
  • Love books and sharing what I'm reading with others, like all my readers here on the blog. 
  • A place where I can say what I want about a book that everyone else didn't like. 
  • I get to chat with amazing people and authors. 


  • Have I mentioned how huge my TBR pile is already and the year has just started? Yeah lol 
  • People can be really rude if you mess up or say something they don't like you saying about a book that they loved, so yeah it can be a pro and a con. 
  • It's a lot of pressure to post and get great content out. 
  • Can feel more like a job than something that is fun. 


January 1, 2014

Book Blogger New Year's Challenge: Day 1

So today is the first day of 2014,  I want to share with you all this little challenge I am participating in.  It's the Book Blogger New Year's Challenge 2014.  It's hosted by the  Parajunkee.  

But anyway, this challenge is a 14 day challenge where each day you post something on the list that Parajunkee has created.  Today is the first day, so let's get started.