August 30, 2013

10 things you didn’t know about author Christian Jensen


So today I have author Christian Jensen with us sharing somethings we don't know about him.  If you didn't know I just reviewed his book Paranormal Reality today as well.  CLICK HERE to read the review.  So let's get to know this author shall we.

 Guest Post: 10 things you didn’t know about Christian Jensen

 This is easy. No one knows me, not yet at least. I’m working on that, so let me get into this list and let your readers know a little something about me. 

1.      I was stabbed in prison. Three separate times
2.      I’m a classically trained Chef
3.      I’m a Master mechanic
4.      I went through twelve years of Catholic school
5.      I’ve held approximately 312 jobs
a.       Chef
b.      Manager
c.       Roofer
d.      Mechanic
e.       Truck Driver
f.       Porn Producer
g.      Marketing Rep
h.      Salesmen
i.        Insurance Producer
j.        Warehouse worker
k.      Forklift Driver
l.        Veterinary Technician
m.    Candy Maker
n.      Electrical Engineer
o.      Bartender
p.      But I’ve always been a writer
6.      I restore classic cars for fun and money
7.      I’m an amateur Tattoo Artist
8.      I read about one book every two to three days
9.      I write about ten thousand words a day
10.  I absolutely HATE horseradish with such a passion that I’ve petitioned the Government to make it illegal.  

If you want to know more about Christian Jensen or any of his more than forty books, check him out on facebook, Twitter (@hororwritindad) or anywhere online books are sold. 

So there you have it, Christian Jensen the things you didn't know.  WOW 312 Jobs now that is just...WOW! Thanks so much Christian for sharing that with us today.